Talks From My Teams

I can't take credit for any of this, but I'm sharing some of the conf talks from folks on teams that I've built.

No talks yet from the current team, but we'll likely have them coming soon!

Savi Solutions

At Savi Solutions, a Series A company, we grew the organization from 3 to 12 engineers.

EMPEX NYC 2023 - Jace Warren - Replacing a Billion+ Record per Day Cassandra Cluster With Elixir and SQLite

Here Jace highlights, how we built our cloud video surveillance platform to process billions of records per day for customers brick and mortar retailers.

Using SQLite, Elixir, and the Beam, we were able to remove Cassandra, distributing storage workloads across existing application servers with minimal overhead at no cost.

CodeBEAM Lite Mexico 2023 - Dario de Filippis - Evolving legacy architectures to enable real-time communication with Elixir microservices

In this one Dario gave an example of how to handle migrating from a legacy application and database to a micro-service architecture using database replication available in MySQL or PostgreSQL.

CodeBEAM Lite Mexico 2023 - Saul Rojas - Convenience store data processing and ETL - on the ground and in the cloud

Saúl showcasing how we handled getting data from convenience stores (and other brick and mortar retailers) and process it in the cloud using Elixir.

ElixirConf UY 2022 - Yuri Oliveira - Let OTP guide your architecture

When planning for a new Elixir project you may block yourself wondering about Hexagonal Architecture, SOLID, DDD, or some shiny new buzzword. No sweat, just start with the basics of OTP and you'll have enough building blocks to start.

ElixirConf 2021 - Jace Warren - Distributed, Scalable, Fault-Tolerant Video Streaming

At Savi Solutions, we were tasked with building a fault-tolerant, highly scalable video streaming platform with minimal operational costs. Elixir and Erlang VM (BEAM), coupled with Riak Core, provide a perfect fit by allowing distributed services, consistent hashing, routing, sharding, replicating, and near-linear scalability through a decentralized distribution of work.

DevOpsDays Portland, 2021: Jace Warren - Ignite - How Terraform Brought Kubernetes Back From Dead

Software is fragile. In spite of our best efforts, catastrophe can strike at anytime. At Savi Solutions we set out to build a video streaming platform with a disaster recovery plan that can survive even the worst scenarios. While the intention was never to become a disaster recovery case study, as fate would have it, we would become one, twice!

ElixirConf 2020 - Austin Hammer - How Elixir Releases and Clustering Lowers Complexity

Getting data out of private networks (with permission!) is tricky. We've put together a device and accompanying software that reduces headaches for on-site IT teams and delivers data to Savi Solutions in a reliable and consistent fashion. Learn how we leverage Elixir's new mix release task and pair that with libcluster's node discovery library to maintain a socket connection to on-site devices.