About Me

Sharing experiences, practices, and learnings to improve the field of software engineering. Experienced DevOps practitioner, software engineer, and engineering manager.

Avid reader and audio book listener across a diverse set of topics.
Now a sometimes writer across that set of topics.


  • CTO - Savi Solutions
    Manage hiring, people, operations, and budget for the engineering organization of a Series A startup, consisting of 9 engineers. Hands on contributor.

  • CTO - Orca Health
    Managed hiring and operations for a team of 3 backend engineers,3 iOS engineers, a Product Manager, and a Customer Success Manager.

    Responsible for multiple web based and mobile SOC2 and HIPAA compliant product lines from inception, including feature development, maintenance, and the implementation of regulatory controls. Use of these products by medical providers led to 91% of patients reporting a very positive impact on their care, 5.5x increase in positive online reviews per month, and a 15% increase in patient retention and treatment acceptance.

    Implemented and maintained continuous integration process,including automated testing and security analysis.

  • Cofounder and CTO - Conversature
    Architect and implementer of a conversation intelligence platform for sales organizations from the ground up. Capable of taking in audio and video, from a provided API endpoint or via integration with platforms like Salesforce and Join.me, transcribing, and running machine learning algorithms, as well as a UI for insight into the sales process.