About Me

Sharing experiences, practices, and learnings to improve the field of software engineering. Experienced startup CTO, DevOps practitioner, and software engineer. Avid reader and audio book listener across a diverse set of topics.


Cofounder and CTO - QuotaSignal

Currently working to solve revenue hiring at QuotaSignal.

CTO - Savi Solutions

Managed hiring, people, operations, and budget for the engineering organization of a Series A startup, consisting of 11 engineers and a Product Manager.

Built scalable solutions for small brick and mortar locations integrating video and other data points to improve operational efficiency and reduce loss.

Lead the organization to build an industry leading video management platform capable of scaling linearly to ingest petabytes of video continuously with zero downtime and sub 500ms playback at an unmatched low cost.

Lead the organization to develop a novel curbside pick up and drive-through solutions capable of tracking individual cars using commodity security cameras.

Developed and managed a fleet of thousands of IoT devices in order to ensure the seamless delivery of value to customer locations.

All of this allowed us to take the organization from pre-seed funding to Series A, and to double or triple revenue every year for 4 continuous years.

CTO - Orca Health

Managed hiring and operations for a team of 3 Ruby on Rails engineers, 3 iOS engineers, a Product Manager, and a Customer Success Manager.

Responsible for multiple web based and mobile SOC2 and HIPAA compliant product lines from inception, including feature development, maintenance, and the implementation of regulatory controls.

  • Applications downloaded over 4 million times in the Apple App Store
  • 96% of patients reporting a positive impact on understanding
  • 93% reporting a positive impact on patient satisfaction
  • 5x as many positive online reviews for healthcare professionals using our platform
  • 14% increase in the rate of retaining patients for surgery

Implemented and maintained continuous integration process, including automated testing and security analysis, allowing us to reduce turnaround time and ship more code faster, while ensuring the code we push to production multiple times per day is free of regressions and vulnerabilities.

Cofounder and CTO - Conversature

Architect and implementer of a conversation intelligence platform for sales organizations from the ground up.

Similar to Gong.io or Chorus.ai, before either of those companies had the traction they do now.