Curated Content March 2024

A few pieces of content I thought were worthwhile in March 2024.

Curated Content March 2024
Photo by Rasa Kasparaviciene / Unsplash

March was pretty thin on content. I was a little delayed in compiling this one, so in truth, I don't know if that was due to the fact that I didn't take in much during March, much of it wasn't worth taking in, or I erroneously attributed it to February or April.


Build Your Career on Dirty Work

Build Your Career on Dirty Work
The Dirty Work Theory: The lamentable work that many people avoid are great places to look for high impact, low hanging fruit.

This was one that I thought was a great highlight for certain kinds of individuals wanting to grow a fulfilling career quickly. It won't work at all organizations as some organizations systematically undervalue this kind of work, but by identifying organizations that won't and then tackling dirty work for them can be a great career or business strategy.


No book recommendations this month.

Conf Talks

No conf talks this month.


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When you introduce more stages, it takes longer to reach the production, which signals higher batch transaction cost, which drives average batch size up, which drives risk up exponentially along with delaying feedback. In the end, you end up with more risk and more rework.  You need faster, not slower way to reach the production. That makes the relative cost of releasing smaller changes less expensive, which allows you to validate assumptions sooner and reduce the risk along the way.

An incredible thread by Dragan Stepanović about how it's counter intuitive, but many strategies we use (whether in software engineering or other processes) to minimize risks and errors can actually exacerbate the problem, rather improve it.

This isn't news to agile practitioners, but the phrasing of it is excellent.