Curated Content January 2022

A few pieces of content I thought were worthwhile in the month of January.


RubyConf 2021: What did participants say in the Tackling Technical Debt workshop?
Two days ago, I facilitated my first in-person workshop since The Before Times. First thing I noticed: what this lighting does for my arms. My Twitter bio says “femme jock” for a reason…

An excellent talk/workshop by Chelsea Troy on technical debt, refactoring, good and bad codebase maintenance experiences. If you're not following her and reading her stuff, you're probably doing yourself a disservice.

Are You Playing to Play, or Playing to Win?
Make sure you’re playing the real game, not some more complicated game you’ve made up for yourself.

Make sure you're actually playing the game by the rules of the game, not playing a harder version of the game you made up because it feels better.


A great thread summarizing some of the ways the construction and maintenance of buildings is very similar to software development and maintenance. If you haven't read the book this may spark your interest in picking it up.

A really tweet thread by Dan Luu on hiring failure modes, and stated vs actual objectives, and how folks end up passing on someone who's clearly out there making an impact.