Curated Content December 2021

A few pieces of content I thought were worthwhile in the month of December.

Not as much curated content this month, despite feeling like I consumed quite a bit.


Shard Manager

Shard Manager: A Generic Shard Management Framework for Geo-distributed Applications - Meta Research | Meta Research
Sharding is widely used to scale an application. Despite a decade of effort to build generic sharding frameworks that can...

An extremely interesting article from Facebook on some of the challenges with the adoption of sharding when developing an application, including difficulty maintaining availability during planned upgrades and the lack of support geodistribution and how they overcome these challenges using their shard management framework Shard Manager.


Kill it with Fire: Manage Aging Computer Systems - Marianne Bellotti

Kill it with Fire is a great guide on how to handle legacy system updates from both a technical and, more critically, social perspective. Your legacy system can be less than a year old, or decades, and this one contains helpful tips to dig yourself out, and avoid falling back in the hole next time around.


An excellent thread walking through some of the on the job activities of software engineering, and the implications of the utility of a CS degree for them.