Curated Content: March 2021

A few pieces of content I thought were worthwhile in the month of March.


  • The SPACE of Developer Productivity
    Anything written by Nichole Forsgren is worth reading as an engineering leader. This is no exception. Not necessarily as actionable, but helps to frame your thinking as an engineering leader when looking at metrics for developer productivity. Hint, context is key.
  • Clear is Kind, Unclear is Unkind
    This captures succinctly the idea of radical candor in my mind. You're not being a jerk, but if you're not clear about expectations, needs, etc, you're doing everyone a disservice.
  • Do Not End the Week with Nothing
    I'm partial to the thesis of this one given that I'm even bothering to blog, but I think it's also important as someone in tech looking to get to the next level. The more you have publicly available to showcase you know what you're doing, the easier life becomes for you going forward.


  • The Manager's Path by Camille Fournier.
    A great reference book for challenges you'll tackle and advice for how to go about tackling them as you proceed through various levels in tech from individual contributor up to CTO.
  • The Innovator's Solution by Clayton Christensen.
    The worthwhile successor to The Innovators Dilemma, that takes the theory set down in that book and turns it into an actionable framework for constant, more predictable innovation. Highly recommended for leaders in tech looking to understand why some ideas win, and some don't.


  • The Fastest Growing Tilapia Farm in Afric‪a‬
    I'm very interested in agriculture and agtech as a way to solve the very real problem of sustainably feeding the planet. Hearing the founder speak here about the challenges they face operating in a highly constrained environment and the way they are tackling them was very interesting to me.